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While combing Pinterest and my favorite wedding blogs, I have seem many lovely ideas to jazz up the wedding ceremony. I feel like unity candles and sand ceremonies are overdone, and mixing red and white wine is a little silly (on principle, people! I grew up in wine country!). These are two of my favorites:

Time Capsule: Fill a pretty wooden box with love letters, mementos, and a special bottle of wine, and nail it shut during the ceremony. Keep the box somewhere safe (and cool) and open it on a special anniversary.

Tie the Knot: This is a Fisherman’s Knot. Apparently, “The rope will break before the knot comes undone and the knot only gets tighter with pressure.” You can frame it as a special keepsake of the ceremony.

This Australian site has some really sweet ideas for wording – I teared up a little when I read the first Hand Fasting Ceremony. If you’re married, did you do anything unique during your ceremony? Any favorite moments as a guest?

{images via my Pinterest boards}

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