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{Madewell Polka Dot BikiniBaubleBar Fishtail Drawcord BraceletFlight 001 Out of Town TagHerschel Overnight Bag (love), Kate Spade Suitcase Locket}

I really can’t complain. I live in a tourist destination, in California no less. I love my work and I love being home with my family…but it’s true, I have spring break envy! I’d love pick up a good book or two, get on a plane and lay out on a beach for a week or so. That’s definitely not happening, so until our two-week trip East in May, I’ll just keep dreaming about these colorful travel accessories.

I also need to note – I’m pretty smitten with this Kate Spade necklace, and the collage above isn’t doing it justice. The suitcase holds photos of your loved ones – what a clever and sentimental way to keep them close while you’re away! As you can see, the chain is extra long, which would be totally different for me. I just love it.